Talking Toucan
Talking Toucan
When you talk to him, he repeats what you say!
Watch a video demo here
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January 2004 Archive

Cursed Triangle

Cursed Triangle (Flash movie)
Can you break the spell and figure out the secret behind the cursed triangle?

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Flag Magic

Flag Magic (Flash movie)
Are you ready to have your mind read?

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Clock Magic

Clock Magic (Flash movie)
Get to know Lady Esmeralda, the famous psychic and her grandfather Merlin's old haunted clock.

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Love Magic

Love Magic (Flash movie)
Pick the number of times a week you would like to have sex.

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Space Police

Space Police (Flash movie)
You are an intergalactic smuggler, traveling from planet to planet.

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Fetish (Flash movie)
Did your ever notice that dogs have some sort of sick fetish?

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Little angel nameless

Little angel nameless (Flash movie)
A Christmas story.

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Crystal ball

Crystal ball (Flash movie)
Choose any two digit number. Then add together both digits and subtract the total from your original number. This shit is magic!!

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More funny pictures

More funny pictures :-)
Enjoy a few funny pictures! You might even smile or laugh.

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The Christmas Menu

The Christmas Menu (Funny Flash Movie)
This animation circles around the constant problem that concerns us all at Christmas time. Should the smell of either roasted duck or pork roast fill the house?

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Snowboarding XS

Snowboarding XS (Game)
Play the ultimate 3D online snowboarding game.

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Verti Golf

Verti Golf (Game)
Have you ever been this high playing golf? Amazing 3D graphics and incredible gameplay!

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Funny pictures

Funny pictures
Just some random crazy stuf.

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