Talking Toucan
Talking Toucan
When you talk to him, he repeats what you say!
Watch a video demo here
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December 2003 Archive

Adventure Elf (Christmas Game)

Adventure Elf (Christmas Game)
Collect the stolen loot and save christmas.

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Penguin Push (Christmas Game)

Penguin Push (Christmas Game)
Push all the ice block into the yellow holes.

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BlackJack Elf

BlackJack Elf (Game)
Take on the Elf dealer and be the first to 21.

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Bunch (Flash Game)
Bunch balls of the same colour to score points.

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Grandma's revenge

Grandma's revenge - Episode 3 (Flash movie)
The sick sage continues! We live in times where men think they can multitask and bells are ignored. If it wasn't for grandma and her friend.

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Jehovah's Witnesses

Jehovah's Witnesses (Flash movie)
Tonight I have a date with a goat.

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Lonely (Flash movie)
The only gay eskimo.

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Turtles (Flash movei)
Something easy to care for.

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Pizza (Funny picture)
Pizza is a lot like sex.

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Porn souvenirs

Porn souvenirs (Funny picture)
A souvenir from Florida.

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Rasing the dead

Rasing the dead (Funny picture)
The dead shall be raised.

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