Talking Toucan
Talking Toucan
When you talk to him, he repeats what you say!
Watch a video demo here
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2002 Archive

Baseball (great flash game)
Step up to the plate and see if you can hit a homerun!

Too much fun juice (1,9 MB flash movie)
Beer is not always that good for you ...

More Funny Flash Movies
Get to know about RAGE! ... and something about a squid

Funny Flash Movies
Bill Clinton Singing, Kill Jerry Seinfeld and a few more bits of nasty Flash humor.

Virtual Girls
Get ready for some very sexy computer generated babes!

Cyber Mice Party (Flash game)
Guide your cyber mice back to the cheese helping them avoiding certain disaster!

Humor articles by Allen Klein
Humor articles on health, healling, and workplace humor.

Beach Tennis
Missy and Candi return in 3D. Beach Tennis has never been so fun!

Be afraid - be very afraid ...

15 Cool Flash Games
Everything from ninja fighting to baseball - enjoy!

Mission Mars (Flash game)
Flatten the alien city with you lasers to land your UFO safely!

More crazy pictures
We just added another 150 silly pictures to Have fun :-)

Cooking With Gus (Cartoon)
"Cooking With Gus" is about a chef named Gus and the cooking show he pretends to have.

Wimbledon Tennis Ace
Step onto center court and experience the thrill and excitement of Wimbledon!

Crypt Raider (Flash game)
Help Dr Carter collect treasures from the ancient pyramids in this massive 100 level adventure!

Advanced Macking Seduction Articles
Seduction secrets seasoned players won't share. The shy man's guide to one-night stands.

Bug on a Wire
Run along jumping over the crows and hopping from wire to wire ... how long can you survive?

Cube Buster
Can you handle the frenzied cube attack. With speed and accuracy you'll go far!

3 Foot Ninja
Fight like a maniac and collect all the scrolls of the dragon.

Little Rocketman
A cool Flash game! Control Rocketmans' rockets to jump from platform to platform.

Drunkin Hamsters
Well - This is just a waste of time ...

300 New Funny Jokes
Please select your favorite category; animal, blonde, children, dirty, gay, irish, gross, police, redneck, religious etc. We've them all!

Click Ball (Java game)
Are you fast enough to keep the ball in the air?

Speck Invaders (Java game)
Shoot down those freakin' space ships!!

Pull my finger
This is a classic. But for some reason it's allways funny ... at least I think it is.

A Smashing Game
Too many bricks, too little ... SMASHING ... have YOU got the balls?

Reverend Fun Comics by Dennis "Max" Hengeveld
Funny Christian cartoons

UnEmployed Comics by Matt Steen
UnEmployed follows the lives of two out of work roommates who have way too much time on their hands.

Crazy Names
What crazy names people make up?

Rigelian Hot Shots (Flash Game)
Are you ready for a bug hunt? Now let's zap some Thrill-Suckers!

Crazy Flash Cartoons
Have fun with "The subliminal man trainer", "The dancin' weenies", "The farting dogs harmonics" and more.

Dead People
Read the last worlds of some famous people.

Just some misc. fun stuff
I really hope you're not in a rush. Just sit back and enjoy.

3D Babes
This is not the real thing - but pretty close. Enjoy these computer generated cyber girls.

Morph Female Celebrities
You now have the power to change the faces of some of the most beautiful women in the World!

All about the Bush/Saddam situation. Some of these pictures migh seem a little bizzare ... sorry about that.

Strange Breed
Strange Breed is an off-beat cartoon and wacky cartoon, that puts a different twist on everyday life

More exciting games
You never saw Hangman like this before ... Check out all the cool games.

Funny tests and stuf ...
The world famous "What women really mean test" and more stupid crap like that.

Free Online Games & Shows
Bush aerobics, build a cyber babe, doggy dating, Beckham golden balls, alien attack and much much more ...

All About George W. Bush
View a large collection of funny pictures targeting the World's most powerfull man.

Crazy Signs
Stupid people make stupid signs. Check out these silly examples of confusing signs.

Nerds Only
A collection of pictures for computer freaks (nerds).

All Naughty Pictures
Some XXX content - no hardcore though ...

Silly Ads
A lot of companies from Microsoft to Colgate apparently fill this World with silly ads?

All About Osama bin Laden
A huge collection of funny pictures targeting this crazy mother fucker.


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